About the Author

Deploying to Desert Storm at the age of 19, John had an early introduction to strategic planning and execution in the real world situations found in the deserts of Iraq.

As a long term business owner, commercial real estate investor and advisor, John is passionate about sharing his lessons learned and wins with anyone that could benefit from his past successes and challenges.

With a rare and diverse background as a developer, licensed site and underground utility contractor, licensed General Contractor, Fortune 100 financial analyst, and real estate consultant, John’s unique perspective on commercial real estate is unmatched in the industry.

John’s direct experience as an owner, buyer, seller, landlord, and tenant of commercial properties arms him with the 360 degree insight he needs to be a powerful and effective strategic advisor on the commercial real estate battlefield. He is strategic, driven, and downright aggressive at developing and executing the plan.

“John brings together the spirit of an entreprenuer with the efficiency and tenacity of his military background…”Eric Buck, Director, Distribution Sales at Brocade

Cushman & Wakefield
Director of Industrial & Land Services


John began his commercial real estate development career in 2003 with a primary focus on site acquisition, site development, and project management. In his role as business owner, John was directly responsible for commercial site development projects totaling over 2,400+ acres. Currently a partner on the Cushman & Wakefield Team, he specializes primarily in the leasing, acquisition, and sales of industrial properties for tenants, landlords, property investors, and owners.

Also actively involved in the acquisition, development, and ownership of his own commercial investment properties throughout Central Florida, John concentrates on value-added type projects. He applies his management expertise to create value for himself and his investors.

Additionally, John is a former military officer having served honorably in the United States Army during Desert Storm.


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